hi so i go to ccad, but i really havent done much in columbus and i was wondering what you kinda recommend to do in the city?

well, i dunno much in the way of columbus night life, but i know of good places to eat. i’m sure you know of them too, they’re pretty popular! there’s Tip Top, Betty’s, Surly Girl Saloon, Dirty Frank’s, Little Palace, and El Camino’s. they’re all within walking distance of CCAD, and they’ve all got faaantastic food. super affordable, too.

if you’re 21, there’s Carabar, which has good drinks, live bands, and Taco Tuesdays apparently?? my favourite bar in Columbus is the Elevator. it’s gorgeous, quiet, and the bar staff is friendly and they mix some of the best cocktails.

i’m sure you know about Gallery Hop every first saturday of the month! those are always fun. aside from that, the only night life i know of is clubs like Wall Street and Axis, which, yknow, if you’re into clubbin, those are the best places to go I guess!

  1. sublimesublemon said: Oh dude I have always wanted to go to Elevator, it just looks like such a happenin’ place. Isn’t it pricey, though?
  2. mermaid-pug said: i’d heard of dirty frank’s but the rest is all new to me! i’ll have to check ‘em out. thanks bunches :DD
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