have you heard the theory that calliope is lord english?? i actually like that theory more than i like caliborn as lord english

man that theory is seriously terrible in my opinion. it sounds like a majorly fanfic-y whAT A TWIST!!!!!! that i just don’t think andrew would do.

'sides, calliope has been characterized to represent all of the “good” fans of things, people who benevolently enjoy shipping and fanfics and fanart, and caliborn has been characterized to represent “bad” fans that are incredibly misogynistic and borderline sociopathic in how they treat other people on the internet.

if andrew made calliope into LE, the Big Bad, he’d be communicating a message that i think he’s far too self-aware to actually make.

  1. mermaid-pug said: idk it sounds silly when you say it like that, but i read a really good post a while back that explained it really well and made it seem really valid to me. otherwise i’d think it was a shitty twist too, i guess.
  2. haggady said: that theory doesn’t make sense because the meenah games confirmed that caliborn is LE and calliope is LE’s sister
  3. arlir said: ya also idk bout u but making calliope out to be the bad guy seems inherently problematic to meeee…
  4. psshaw said: I’m actually reading all of this…?? This is the most interest I’ve taken in Homestuck in my LIFE. Cool things.
  5. polks said: I think sometimes people like twists so much they forget that what characters do and how plots are resolved comments on the major themes of a work. That theory is “more fun” in a superficial way, but what it says as a whole just doesn’t work.
  6. thespiandeacon said: wow thats a really good point
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